What's Covered
Whole Body*
Scan time: 60 minutes
Our most comprehensive scan that assesses your head, neck, chest, abdomen, pelvis, and legs. Does not include arms or feet.
Head & Torso
Scan time: 45 minutes
Similar to our whole-body scan within this anatomically abbreviated coverage but without a dedicated spine series.
Scan time: 25 minutes
Our quickest scan, with abbreviated anatomic coverage limiting evaluation to the chest, abdomen and pelvis (without additional dedicated prostate-focused imaging).
Solid tumors (as early as stage 1)
Whole spine
Metabolic disorders (for example,
fatty liver, hemochromatosis)
Some auto-immune disorders (for example, Multiple sclerosis, Inflammatory bowel disease)
Non-cancerous conditions such as cysts, hematomas, and hemangiomas
Brain aneurysms

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Frequently asked questions by doctors

Do you offer financing?

We offer 3rd party financing through Affirm in the US for most locations.

Do you take a deposit to secure an appointment?

Yes. We take payment to guarantee your appointment time and date.

Is the Prenuvo scan covered by extended insurance?

Typically, a Prenuvo scan is not covered by extended insurance. Some customers have had success claiming part of the scan fee with their insurer, but this is not commonplace. We are working with insurers to educate them on the advantages of the Prenuvo scan but it is unlikely that there will be changes in the short term.

Is the Prenuvo scan covered by health insurance?

Not at this time. We are at the cutting edge of revolutionizing whole body screening. While preliminary studies are beginning to demonstrate clinical utility of whole body MRI, no public facility is conducting these examinations for general screening purposes. It might take years, unfortunately, for healthcare plans to cover preventative WB-MRI scans. Many of our members have been able to get full or partial reimbursement through their insurance/extended insurance providers. We recommend you check with your provider to confirm coverage.

Can I use my FSA/HSA?

Yes you can. You can either pay with an FSA/HSA credit card or seek reimbursement via your FSA/HSA.

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